Boca Grande Lighthouse United Methodist Church

New Minister to Youth and Families

Minister to Youth and Families


It is our pleasure to announce that Tabitha Jordan has accepted the position of Minister to Youth and Families (Intergenerational Discipleship). The next generations are not the church of the future - they are the church now. Youth and children are inclusive of our mission statement: Receiving the Light, Being the Light, and Sharing the Light of Jesus Christ. Tabitha will be with the Lighthouse Church over Easter weekend and officially beginning her position the first week in April.

Tabitha is 27 years old and from a small town outside of Columbus, Ohio. Her call to ministry started from a very young age. She is called to show people who God is and who God says they are through her life and her service to the church. Tabitha is coming to the Boca Grande community to love and minister to the needs of the youth and community. She has worked with students in a number of capacities, including youth groups, summer camps, leading bible studies, preaching, speaking at retreats, leading retreats, leading mission trips, and so much more. Tabitha is excited and passionate to share her gifts with the youth, children, families, and congregation of the Lighthouse Church.

Tabitha is a recent graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, where she completed her Master of Divinity. Her undergraduate degree, from Malone University, is in Youth and Sports Ministry. She also played volleyball at Malone University and has been an athlete her whole life in a variety of sports.

Tabitha will be moving down with her husband, Chas Jordan, from Wilmore, Kentucky. They have been married for almost two years and met while in Seminary. They both enjoy camping, rock climbing, hiking, sports activities, and working in ministry. They have one cat, named Simba, who enjoys waking them up early each morning.