Boca Grande Lighthouse United Methodist Church


Every year at the annual FLUMC Charge Conferences each church in each district in the Florida Conference elects officers and approves nominated committee members. The following is a list of all the current Lighthouse UMC Committees and their members.

Elected Officers 
Dan O'Connell - Chairperson Church Council, Rebecca deRosa - Church Treasurer, Cindy Handrick - Financial Secretary, Ed Paxton - Lay Leader, Amanda Pearsall - Recording Secretary, Tabitha Jordan - Campus Ministry Representative, 
Kathi Hustedt - UMW President

Staff Pastor-Parish Relations Committee 
Pat Witschonke - Chairperson, Ellie Durno,Carol Stewart, Chuck Dever, Susan Hanafee, Elsa Soderberg, Bob Elliott, Curt Moll

Committee on Finance 
Ray Smedley - Chairperson, Reverend Matthew M. Williams, Dan O'Connell, Becca deRosa, Pat Witschonke, Steve Kieffer, Palmer Long, Ross Witschonke, Cindy Handrick

Board of Trustees 
Ed Paxton & David Senior - Co-chairs, Richard Klepser, Bill Cunningham, John Treat, Mary Foree, Ruth Paschall, Colby Barrett, Bo Hamrick, Carlo deRosa

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development 
Reverend Matthew Williams - Chairperson, 
Chrys Hyde - Vice Chairperson, Ed Paxton, Julie Wahoff, Bob Schoenfeld, Peter Soderberg, JoAnne Nordlie, Claudia Bentley, Beth Paxton, Linden Hustedt

Endowment Committee 
Ray Smedley, Peter Soderberg, Pete Durno, Steve Niemczyk, Richard Klepser, Colby Barrett

Missions Committee 
Peter & Elsa Soderberg - Co-chairs, Becca and Carlo DeRosa, Nick Kaiser, Judy Sandbo, Fred Quackenbush, Jim Cooper, Bob and Barb Schoenfeld, Pete and Ellie Durno, Richard Klepser, Ed Paxton, Marilyn Witt, Lindy and Kathi Hustedt, Bob Dorst, Kathi Hustedt, David Senior, Bo Hamrick, Bill Cunningham, Chas Jordan, Pam Bayly, and John Moenning.

Discipleship Committee 
Linden Hustedt - Chairperson, Dan Bayly, Bill Steinman, Kay Rembold, Sara Moll, Colvin McCready, Leslie Barrett