Boca Grande Lighthouse United Methodist Church



We believe that what we do within each ministry should flow purposefully out of what we value and love. 

The Lighthouse Church encourages all to live out their faith in practical ways. Serving with children and youth, singing in our choir, praying with our prayer ministry, and being hands on in mission are just some of the ways we engage our faith. You will find at the Lighthouse Church numerous ways to participate in ministries that glorify God and provide fellowship with others.  

Children and Youth Ministries
Musical Ensembles, Choir, and Soloists
Liturgists and Sacramental Assistants
Local and International Mission Initiatives
Prayer Meetings
United Methodist Women Gatherings
Men's Ministries 

We encourage you to be a part. For more information concerning our ministries please visit us or contact our church office. We are delighted to help you engage in service to Christ and the world!