Boca Grande Lighthouse United Methodist Church


Dear Members of the BGLUMC Church Family 

Our Mission Committee has been hard at work during the past three days to formulate a plan for our Church to make a significant and immediate impact on “very local” individuals and families suffering from the effects of IAN.  We have raised a Challenge Fund from the remaining Mission Committee budget, five of our Committee members, and $10,000 from Rev. Matthew’s Trinity United Methodist Church in Tallahassee.  After 24 hours, our Challenge Fund stands at $80,000, which means we will match your contributions dollar for dollar up to this amount.To help manage our giving, I am pleased to announce that we have formed a  Strategic Partnership with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation (GCCF), which will work as follows:

1. WGCCF is setting up a separate fund called the Boca Grande Methodist Church IAN Disaster Response Fund (IDRF) both in their system and on their website
2. GCCF will then have the ability to receive and manage funds from you, from our church, or from any other source.
GCCF understands our area of interest are communities nearest us with high damage and need.  They are in a rough rectangle bounded byEnglewood, North Port, Port Charlotte and  Placida.
4. Based on GCCF’s decades of work in this area with NFP agencies, they will pull together a list of those agencies most qualified and ready to assist IAN victims based on a survey they are undertaking as we speak.
5. From this list, the Mission Committee will select a subset of “targeted agencies”, which would receive awards based on our assessment of their speed, impact, and nature of need being addressed.
6. GCCF will have the responsibility of reviewing proposals from these targeted agencies, selecting recipients, and disbursing funds.

Speed with precision are essential here.  We expect GCCF can move in a couple days.  What we need is more funding ASAP!
Please consider using this solution for your contribution to help IAN victims in our immediate area.  While we understand you may be pursuing other targeted aid, please remember that you can make a real difference through receiving a 1:1 match while joining our Church Family in SHARING THE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST.  Your prayerful consideration is requested.  You can send your tax-deductible cash contribution or stock contribution to the Church Office (note on your donation “IAN Response”), or send a check, credit card, stock, or other philanthropic vehicle contribution to GCCF through clicking on

 In HIS Name,  

 Peter & Elsa Soderberg, Mission Committee Co-Chairs

Rev. Dr. Martyn Atkins, Senior Pastor